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Huge Gavel!
Complete line of Quality Gavels, Plaques and Awards...

Normal Delivery in 7-10 Business Days
Faster Service - Allow 2-3 days for engraving / processing and then it can be shipped with your selected option

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#1Walnut Traditional Gavel Traditional*Walnut*Gavels
Easy to purchase Single 10-1/2" Walnut Gavel and Gavel Sets!
#1 Selling 10-1/2" Standard Gavel
#2Walnut Judges Gavel Traditional*Walnut*Judges*Gavels
Easy to purchase Single 11" Walnut Judges Gavel and Gavel Sets!
#1 Selling 11" Judges Gavel

#3Painted Gavels
Color My Gavel
Custom Colors on your gavel

#4Royal Gavel Sets
Royal Presentation Sets
This presentation set is the most exquisite one available.

#5Square Gavels
Square Gavels
Laser Engraving on 3 Sides

#6Leader Gavel Sets

Click on Pictures and Text to see Prices and Order Form
#8Chairman Gavel Sets

#9Rosewood Gavels
Traditional Rosewood Gavels
A reasonable American Rosewood Gavel. Engraving also available

#10Metro Sets
Metro Presentation Sets
Black Ebony Finished Gavel, Sound Block and Presentation Case. An Exquisite Hardwood Gavel Set

#11Traditional Oak Gavels
Traditional Oak Gavels
A reasonable solid Oak Gavel. Engraving also available

#12President Gavel Sets
President Presentation Sets
Luxourious Gray Case, with Beautiful Ivory Satin Interior, with Your Choice of Gavel. Complete with Jeweler's Brass Engraving Band.

#13Imported Rosewood Gavels

#14Ambassador Gavel Sets
Ambassador Presentation Sets
Square Gavel Set with Sound Block and Presentation Case

#15Ebony Gavels
Ebony Finished Gavels!
10-1/2 Black Finished Gavels and Block Sets
Silver Flex Bands and Brass Bands Available

#16Executive Presentation Gavel Sets
Executive Sets
Gavels available in Solid Brass, Solid Copper, .999 Silver and 24K Gold Plated

#17Poly Bagged Gavels
Poly Bagged Gavels
The most economical way to purchase a gavel. (Gavel in a plastic bag)

#18Director Presentation Gavel Sets
Director Sets
Includes Gavel, Sound Block and Jeweler's Brass Engraving Band. Attractively Displayed in our Gold and Green Box with Clear Plastic Lid and Decorative Gold Cord.

#19Palm Gavels
Palm Gavels
The Gavel without the Handle!

#20Rosewood Style Gavel Sets
Rosewood Style Presentation Sets
Highly Polished Rosewood Style Gavel and Matching Presentation Case

#21Acrylic Gavels
Acrylic Gavels
Beautiful Acrylic Gavel with Matching Sound Block

#22Desk Set Gavels
Gavel Desk Sets
Includes Gavel and Base with Brass Band and Brass Engraving Plate. Each set is packaged in an individual Gift Box.

#23Crystal Gavels
Crystal Gavels
The most beautiful Crystal and Leaded Glass Gavels I have found.

#24Bell and Gavels
Bell and Gavel Sets
4-1/2 in Solid Brass Bell with 10-1/2 Walnut Gavel.
Attention Getter... Guaranteed

#25Oak Speakers Gavels
Oak Speakers Gavels
13-1/2" Special Size for Speakers and Speaker of the House

#26Plaque Gavel Sets
Gavel Plaques
Ready-to-hang, assembled gavel plaques. Available in four sizes.

#27Apple Gavels
Apple Gavels
Teacher's and Professor's it is simply delightful

#2836 Inch Decorator Gavels
3 Foot Decorator Gavels
Giant Gavel Made from Ponderosa Pine Featuring: The 36" Decorator Gavel

#2924 Inch Great Gavel
24 Inch Great Gavel
Command attention with the 24 Inch Gavel

#30Poly Bagged Sound Block
Sound Blocks
The most economical way to purchase a sound block. (Sound Block in a Plastic Bag or Gift Boxed)

#31Miniature Gavels
Miniature Gavels
3-1/2" to 5" Gavels with imprinting available on the handles.

#32Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes for Gavels!
Gift Boxes for 8", 10" and 11" Gavels. Will not fit Custom Gavels

#33Light Bulb Trophies
Light Bulb Trophies
Unique tributes for Leadership and Achievement

#34Factory Seconds
Mini Plaques
Small Award with big impact
Click on Picture for Details

#358 inch Gavels
Traditional 8" Gavels
Back Because of Demand. The 8" Walnut and Deluxe Walnut Finished Gavels. The Lady's Size Gavel

#36Brass Gavels
Solid 8" Brass Gavel w/Case
Brass Gavels in a Rosewood Presentation Case. The Executive Gift of Choice

#37Gift Box Gavels
Granite Gavels
Red Granite and Gray Granite Gavels available

Normal Delivery in 7-10 Business Days
Faster Service - Allow 2-3 days for engraving / processing and then it can be shipped with overnight service
Custom Handmade Gavels and Gavel Sets

#39Custom Gavels Custom*Hardwood*Gavels
As Seen on TV with Regis and Kelly
Hand-Crafted Walnut and Oak Custom Gavels.
#40Majestic Gavel Sets Majestic*Presentation*Sets
Custom CWB Gavel in a Beautiful Walnut Presentation Case

#413D Gavels
Custom 3D Relief Gavels
Beautiful Engraved 3D Gavels - Click to see a Full Catalog of Artwork

#42Painted Gavels
Color My Gavel
Custom Colors on your gavel

#43Checkered Gavels
Custom Checkered Gavels Beautiful Hand-Crafted Checkered Patterns
#44Star Gavels
Star Gavel
Hand-Made Oak/Walnut Laminated Gavels. The most Exquisite Gavel!

#45Rhombus Gavels
Mosaic Wood Gavels
Rhombus Pattern - Equilateral Parallelogram Gavel - All sides equal. See how many cubes you can find!

#46New Gavels
New Gavels Styles
Hand-Made Diamond, Rope and Spiral Patterns.

#47GAvel Pops
The Gavel Lolli Pop
The Lolli Pop of Choice - In Stock Now!

#48Custom Plaques
Custom Plaques
Customize your own Plaque.

#49Hand-Carved Gavels
Custom Hand-Carved Gavels
Hand-Crafted and Laser Engraved Logos

#50Eight-Sided Gavels
Custom Eight-Sided Gavels
An attractive gavel with an 8-sided pattern

#51Gavel Jewelery
Key Chains and Pins
Quality Gavel Jewelry

Click on Pictures and Text to see Prices and Order Form

#53The Pocket Tapper
The Pocket Tapper
Large enough to Command Attention
Small enough to carry in your Pocket

#54Brass and Silver Engraving Bands
Bands - Replacement bands for your gavel
Jeweler's Brass and Jeweler's Silver Bands. Place a new band on your Gavels

#55Fun Gavels and Ideas
Fun Gavels and Ideas
Send in your gavel ideas, perhaps it can be made!

#56Gavel Holster
Gavel Holster
The Auctioneers Tool Belt

#57Gavel Pencils
Gavel Pencils
A Fun Handout or Promotional Item

#58Masonic Maul
Up-Right Maul
This is the Classic Design - The Masonic Maul

#59Fire Hydrant and Gun Shell Gavels
Fire Hydrant & Gun Shell Gavels
Every organization has meetings and now the Fire Department and Gun Clubs can start the meeting with style

#60Gavel Cases
11" Custom Gavel Cases
Photographed wood grain wooden cases

#61Skull Gavel
Custom 11in Skull Gavels
Handmade Ureathane Human Skull

#62Fist Gavel
Custom Fist Gavels
Handmade Ureathane Fist Gavel

Turn Around Time:

Normal Delivery Time: 7 - 10 Working Days
(Please allow 2-3 days for processing then the order can be shipped)

If you have any questions please send me an E-mail!

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