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Store Front Gavel
Huge Gavel!

Custom Handmade Gavels and Gavel Sets

Complete line of Quality Gavels, Plaques and Awards...

Normal Delivery in 7-10 Business Days
Faster Service - Allow 2-3 days for engraving / processing and then it can be shipped with your selected option

International Orders!!!

We no longer offer International Shipping.
Just too many problems with Customs, Taxes, Duties and Back Charges.

#1 Walnut Traditional Gavel Traditional*Walnut*Gavels
Easy to purchase Single 10-1/2" Walnut Gavel and Gavel Sets!
#1 Selling 10-1/2" Standard Gavel
#2 Walnut Judges Gavel Traditional*Walnut*Judges*Gavels
Easy to purchase Single 11" Walnut Judges Gavel and Gavel Sets!
#1 Selling 11" Judges Gavel

#3 Painted Gavels
Color My Gavel
Custom Colors on your gavel

#4 Royal Gavel Sets
Royal Presentation Sets
This presentation set is the most exquisite one available.

#5 Square Gavels
Square Gavels
Laser Engraving on 3 Sides

#6 Walnut Gavels
Ambassador Gavel Sets
Standard American Walnut Gavel, Sound Block in a Presentation Case

#7 Rosewood Gavels
Traditional Rosewood Gavels
American Rosewood Gavel. Engraving also available

#8 Metro Sets
Metro Presentation Sets
Black Ebony Finished Gavel, Sound Block and Presentation Case. An Exquisite Hardwood Gavel Set

#9 Traditional Oak Gavels
Traditional Oak Gavels
A reasonable solid Oak Gavel. Engraving also available

#10 President Gavel Sets
President Presentation Sets
Luxourious Gray Case, with Beautiful Ivory Satin Interior, with Your Choice of Gavel. Complete with Jeweler's Brass Engraving Band.

#11Ebony Gavels
Ebony Finished Gavels!
10-1/2 Black Finished Gavels and Block Sets
Silver Flex Bands and Brass Bands Available

#12Ambassador Gavel Sets
Ambassador Presentation Sets
Square Gavel Set with Sound Block and Presentation Case

#13Executive Presentation Gavel Sets
Executive Sets
Gavels available in Solid Brass, Solid Copper, .999 Silver and 24K Gold Plated

#14Director Presentation Gavel Sets
Director Sets
Includes Gavel, Sound Block and Jeweler's Brass Engraving Band. Attractively Displayed in our Silver and Gray Box with Clear Plastic Lid and Decorative Cord.

#15Palm Gavels
Palm Gavels
The Gavel without the Handle!

#16Rosewood Style Gavel Sets
Rosewood Style Presentation Sets
Highly Polished Rosewood Style Gavel and Matching Presentation Case

#17 Purple Heart Gavels
New! Purple*Heart*Gavels
Exquisite Deep Purple Color. Limited Run

#18Desk Set Gavels
Gavel Desk Sets
Includes Gavel and Base with Brass Band and Brass Engraving Plate. Each set is packaged in an individual Gift Box.

#19Bell and Gavels
Bell and Gavel Sets
4-1/2 in Solid Brass Bell with 10-1/2 Walnut Gavel.
Attention Getter... Guaranteed

#20Leader Gavel Sets
Leader Presentation Set
Beautiful Walnut Gavel with Walnut Case

#21Oak Speakers Gavels
Oak Speakers Gavels
13-1/2" Special Size for Speakers and Speaker of the House

#22Plaque Gavel Sets
Gavel Plaques
Ready-to-hang, assembled gavel plaques. Available in four sizes.

#23Apple Gavels
Apple Gavels
Teacher's and Professor's it is simply delightful

#2436 Inch Decorator Gavels
3 Foot Decorator Gavels
Giant Gavel Made from Ponderosa Pine Featuring: The 36" Decorator Gavel

#2524 Inch Great Gavel
24 Inch Great Gavel
Command attention with the 24 Inch Gavel

#26Poly Bagged Sound Block
Sound Blocks
The most economical way to purchase a sound block. (Sound Block in a Plastic Bag or Gift Boxed)

#27Miniature Gavels
Miniature Gavels
3-1/2" to 5" Gavels with imprinting available on the handles.

#28Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes for Gavels!
Gift Boxes for 8", 10" and 11" Gavels. Will not fit Custom Gavels

#298 inch Gavels
Traditional 8" Gavels
Back Because of Demand. The 8" Walnut and Deluxe Walnut Finished Gavels. The Lady's Size Gavel

#30Factory Seconds
Mini Plaques
Small Award with big impact
Click on Picture for Details

#31Gift Box Gavels
Granite Gavels
Red Granite and Gray Granite Gavels available

#32Masonic Maul
Up-Right Maul
This is the Classic Design - The Masonic Maul

Normal Delivery in 7-10 Business Days
Faster Service - Allow 2-3 days for engraving / processing and then it can be shipped with overnight service

#33Custom Gavels Custom*Hardwood*Gavels
As Seen on TV with Regis and Kelly
Hand-Crafted Walnut and Oak Custom Gavels.
#34Majestic Gavel Sets Majestic*Presentation*Sets
Custom CWB Gavel in a Beautiful Walnut Presentation Case

#353D Gavels
Custom 3D Relief Gavels
Beautiful Engraved 3D Gavels - Click to see a Full Catalog of Artwork

#36Painted Gavels
Color My Gavel
Custom Colors on your gavel

#37Checkered Gavels
Custom Checkered Gavels Beautiful Hand-Crafted Checkered Patterns
#38Star Gavels
Star Gavel
Hand-Made Oak/Walnut Laminated Gavels. The most Exquisite Gavel!

#39Rhombus Gavels
Mosaic Wood Gavels
Rhombus Pattern - Equilateral Parallelogram Gavel - All sides equal. See how many cubes you can find!

#40New Gavels
New Gavels Styles
Hand-Made Diamond, Rope and Spiral Patterns.

#41Custom Plaques
Custom Plaques
Customize your own Plaque.

#42Hand-Carved Gavels
Custom Hand-Carved Gavels
Hand-Crafted and Laser Engraved Logos

#43Gavel Jewelery
Key Chains and Pins
Quality Gavel Jewelry

#44Acrylic Gavels
Acrylic Gavels
Beautiful Acrylic Gavel with Matching Sound Block

#45The Pocket Tapper
The Pocket Tapper
Large enough to Command Attention
Small enough to carry in your Pocket

#46Brass and Silver Engraving Bands
Bands - Replacement bands for your gavel
Jeweler's Brass and Jeweler's Silver Bands. Place a new band on your Gavels

#47Fun Gavels and Ideas
Fun Gavels and Ideas
Send in your gavel ideas, perhaps it can be made!

#48Gavel Holster
Gavel Holster
The Auctioneers Tool Belt

#49Gavel Pencils
Gavel Pencils
A Fun Handout or Promotional Item

#50Gavel Cases
11" Custom Gavel Cases
Photographed wood grain wooden cases

#51Skull Gavel
Custom 11in Skull Gavels
Handmade Ureathane Human Skull

#52Fist Gavel
Custom Fist Gavels
Handmade Ureathane Fist Gavel

Turn Around Time:

Normal Delivery Time: 7 - 10 Working Days
(Please allow 2-3 days for processing then the order can be shipped)

If you have any questions please send me an E-mail!

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